Thank You

On behalf of the children of God, wherever on earth they may live,
thank you for your prayers, for writing letters to elected representatives,
for sharing the news, with family members, and friends, and for helping us,
to raise “awareness,” because of your generous, financial support.  Truly,
the genocide of Christians MUST “stop.”  And, everyone can help,
before it comes to, or begins to manifest in America,
more than it already has.

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Jesus wants to give people life,
and life more abundantly, right now
(on earth), as well as later (in heaven).*

However, Satan wants to steal, kill, destroy,
enslave, oppress, terrorize, deceive, and more.*

And, Satan's servants (which include both spiritual,
and human beings) want to do, what Satan wants to do.*

And, since God is love,* and Satan is incapable of love,
everyone on earth is in HUGE trouble, if Satan,
and his servants have their way.

And, on top of this,
given that Jesus has told us (as Christians),
that whatever we bind on earth, will be bound in heaven,
and that whatever we loose on earth, will be loosed in heaven,*
we realize, that, if we allow injustice, anywhere, then
God will allow injustice, everywhere.

given that every Christian
is a member of the "one" Body of Christ,
when "one" member of the Body of Christ suffers,
we "all" suffer.*  And, MANY members of the "one"
Body of Christ have been suffering,
in MANY ways.

it is our firm belief, that
we (as Christians) must bind injustice,
everywhere, and that we must also speak out,
against the genocide of Christians, in the Middle East,
and in other places (around the world), etc.* ‐‐
AND, that, if we will pray, and also do,
whatever Jesus tells us to,
we can stop the

if we do NOTHING,
the genocide will find us, and
it will come to us* (wherever we may be,
in the world), which we do NOT "want" (of course).

Jesus has clearly given
"obedient" Christians power, and authority,
over all the power of Satan, and the Kingdom of Darkness.*

And, no one else on earth has this power, or authority.*

So, it is time for us, to exercise this power,
and authority (in the name of Jesus),
as a united, and standing, and
overcoming Church, or
Body of Christ.

although most of us
have been shocked, by horrendous atrocities,
it is clear, that the children of God have now been moved,
to take appropriate action, in prayer, and
in other ways.*

In order to learn more,
about the perpetrators of the genocide
of Christians, and why it has been happening,
and when it started, etc., please click on one, or
more of the links, at the bottom of this page.]

[Also Note: 
Satan is the god of Islam. 
And, this is especially clear, when
we examine the behavior of its founder,
Muhammad, who stole from people, and who
murdered people, because they would not convert,
to his religion, which he claimed, to have been given by
the archangel, Gabriel, and to have had roots, in the Old,
and New Testament, but violate Judeo-Christian values,
instituted by the God of Israel, and the Lord Jesus. 
Please do NOT be deceived, only the blind,
and the willingly blind cannot see,
that Satan is the god of Islam. 
And, Allah is simply the name for
the ancient fertility religion of the moon god,
which predated both Muhammad, and Islam, and which is
why the crescent moon is still used, today, as a symbol for Islam.]

There is a spiritual war going on,
over what people will "believe," and then "do,"
BECAUSE of what they believe.  And, we will either fight,
and fight wisely, and win, or we will automatically lose,
and everyone will suffer, in a HUGE way (given that
Satan doesn't even love his best servants,
much less, those who love, and
obey Jesus).*

[Note:  Everyone
needs a Savior.  And,
the "only" Savior, for
all men (including all
Muslims), is Jesus.*]

[Also Note:  Recently,
Christians have been beheaded,
crucified, placed in cages, and lit on fire,
had their brains blown out, and more, simply
because they would NOT convert to Islam.  And,
although the main-stream media has reported
some of the many atrocities, they have
neglected to tell the whole truth,
as to why it has been happening. 
Christians have been being murdered,
simply because of their faith in Jesus Christ. 
And, unless we do something, to protect people,
from the attacks of Satan, and his many servants,
it SHALL manifest (in our lives), here in America ‐‐
and, God will allow it ‐‐ that is, unless we preach
the "full" Gospel, to every creature, globally,
and fearlessly, as well as obey the Lord,
in every other aspect of our lives. 
Help us, Lord.  Amen.]

Everyone, who
does NOT confess Jesus,
as his Lord and Savior, and who
does NOT obey Jesus (which is required,
to have a good relationship, with the Holy One),
is in HUGE trouble, because, without Jesus, and
without His atoning blood (and without His
manifested power), everyone is
already condemned.*

There is only one "way,"
into life, and into abundant life, and
into eternal life.  And, that one "way" is Jesus,*
who has paid for our sins, and delivered us,
from the Accuser of the Brethren
(who is Satan).*

And, Satan
(who is everyone's enemy)
has done his best, to silence, or pervert
the Word of God, so that people will die, and
go to hell, and to the lake of fire and brimstone
(which were prepared for him, and his demons,
and NOT for man), instead of to heaven
(including murdering those who
have spoken the truth,
as Christians).

And, Satan
has done this, by
stealing, killing, destroying,
enslaving, oppressing, terrorizing,
deceiving, and more, throughout history
(which describes what both Muhammad, and
his followers have historically done, and what
the Quran actually "tells" Muslims to do
(obviously), to Non-Muslims).

AND, Satan has
tried this, on everyone,
either directly, or indirectly,
through his servants, or through
the spiritual, or the human beings,
who have yielded themselves,
to obey him.*

some of us have discovered, that,
if we will call upon the name of the Lord (Jesus),
He SHALL save us, from the hands of our enemies, and
from the hands of all those who hate us, so that
we can live our lives, in holiness, and
righteousness, without fear.*

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said this:

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

We must NOT be "afraid."*

And, with Jesus,
we do NOT "need" to be afraid.

Jesus is a man of war.* 
And, He will fight for us ‐‐ that is,
if we will simply call upon His holy name.*

And, Jesus is not only alive, and listening to us,
right now,* but He has never "lost" a battle,
because He is God.  That's right,
Jesus is God.*

Therefore, it is our hope, that
everyone will join us, in doing whatever we can,*
to stop the genocide of Christians, for the glory of God
(of which He is worthy), for our benefit (as Christians,
who do NOT want it to continue, or to spread), and
for the sake of the lost (who need us, to stand up,
and speak out, against the murder of Christians,
simply because they are Christians, and more).

[Note:  Jesus promised us, that, as Christians,
we can speak to things, believing, and they will do,
what we tell them to, and that we can pray for things,
believing, and that we will get them, and more.*  So,
let's "believe" God's Word, and ACT like we do*
(which includes our getting, being, and
staying united, as Christians,*
and also overcoming
Satan, etc.*).]

[Also Note:  Jesus told us,
as Christians, that we are seated, with Him,
in heavenly places, or in seats of great authority,
that we are ruling, and reigning, with Him, right now,
and that our decisions, or our judgments are
extremely meaningful.*]

in the name of Jesus,
the genocide of Christians MUST "stop!" 
Help us, Lord. 

you can help.

The Bottom Line:

If you would like to join us,
in the battle, against this genocide,
or if you would like to ask us questions, etc.,
please leave us a message, at (888) MY - JESUS
(Voice Mail), and someone will call you back,
as soon as possible.

Thank you.

may God bless you,
and yours, and all of us.*
Help us, Lord.


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* Bible References (with the King James Version being the best resource):

John 10:1-18 ... Jesus wants to give people abundant lives, right now, on earth
John 14:1-29 ... Jesus wants people to live with Him, in heaven, forever
John 10:10 ... Satan wants to steal, and to kill, and to destroy
2Tim. 1:7 ... Satan is, or sends people the spirit of fear
Luke 13:10-17 ... Satan puts people into bondage
John 8:37-47 ... Satan has fathered every lie
2Cor. 11:7-15 ... Satan's servants obey him
John 8:37-47 ... Satan's servants act like him
John 8:37-47 ... Jesus sets people free indeed
1Tim. 4:1-11 ... Jesus is the Savior of all people
1John 4:1-11 ... God is love, and He manifests it
Mat. 18:18-20 ... Christians bind and loose things
1Cor. 12:12-27 ... Christians are tied into one Body
Mat. 16:13-21 ... Jesus has given power to Christians
Acts 19:11-17 ... Only Christians have power, over Satan
Luke 10:1-24 ... Nothing shall, by any means, hurt Christians
Rom. 6:16 ... Whoever someone obeys is his Master and Lord
John 14:15-26 ... Only obedient Christians get God's blessings
Mat. 12:30 ... All Christians need to do, to serve Satan, is nothing
Rev. 12:1-17 ... Satan is the Accuser of the Brethren (or Christians)
Mat. 25:1-30 ... Christians will be held accountable, for slothfulness
Luke 10:1-24 ... Jesus has given Christians power, over Satan, and more
Luke 12:1-48 ... Of them, to whom more has been given, more is required
Mat. 21:17-22 ... Whatever we (as Christians) speak, believing, shall be done
Mark 11:22-24 ... Whatever we (as Christians) pray for, believing, we shall receive
Mat. 1:18-25, 1Tim. 3:16, John 8:51-59, John 20:19-31, Rev. 1:8-18, etc. ... Jesus is God
James 2:14-26 ... Faith, without works, is counted as being totally worthless, or dead
Mat. 12:30 ... Christians have been commanded, to be gathered, and to help gather
Rom. 10:10 ... Christians confess, with their mouths, unto salvation, from all evil
Eph. 6:10-20 ... Christians are involved in a spiritual war, with Satan, and more
2Tim. 2:1-5 ... Christians must fight, and fight correctly, to be "able" to win
Rev. 2-3 ... Only Christians who overcome, or who win, will go to heaven
Rev. 21:6-8 ... Christians who overcome, or who win, will be blessed
John 3:1-21 ... Every man, without Jesus, is already condemned
John 20:19-23 ... Christians have great power, and authority
John 13:13 ... Jesus is the Master, and Lord of everyone
1John 3:1-24 ... Jesus destroyed the works of Satan
Rev. 21:5-8 ... Christians are NOT afraid of death
Acts 10:34-48 ... The Lord is everyone's Judge
Luke 12:4-5 ... The Lord should be feared
Luke 1:67-75 ... Jesus delivers people
Ex. 15:3 ... The Lord is a man of war
Rom. 10:13 ... Jesus saves people
Heb. 13:8 ... Jesus never changes







Please Consider This:

Having been been given
so many great, and precious promises,
we (as Christians) are accountable,
for what we choose to do,
and NOT do.

We hope that
you will "believe" this, and
that you will take appropriate action,
while we still have the freedom, etc., to do so
(see Jas. 2:14-26, Prov. 1:20-33, and a lot more).

if you would like to join us,
in the battle, against this genocide,
or if you would like to ask us questions, etc.,
please leave us a message, at (888) MY - JESUS
(Voice Mail), and someone will call you back,
as soon as possible.

Thank you.

may God bless you,
and yours, and all of us.
Help us, Lord.