You Can Help

You can help stop the genocide of Christians,
because of your prayers, because of your sharing,
and because of your generous, financial support,
for what we are, and will be doing, as a united,
and standing, and overcoming Church, or
Body of Christ (over which Jesus
is the Head, Lord, Boss,
and Judge).

[Note:  Prayers can make a HUGE difference,
and so can raising "public awareness," by sharing
this serious issue, with family members, and friends,
as well as writing letters, to elected representatives,
and world leaders ‐‐ and, in order to find out, what
we are doing, to unite Christians, and to pray, etc.,
as well as to raise public awareness, and more,
and how you might be able to help, please
contact us, by leaving us a message,
at (888) MY - JESUS (Voice Mail).]

While we are not yet ready,
to receive donations, online,
you can still help us, to stop
the genocide of Christians.

And, in order to find out how you can help, or
to get any of your other questions answered,
or to make suggestions, or to volunteer,
and more, please contact us.

And, to contact us, please leave us a message,
at (888) MY - JESUS (a 24/7 Voice Mail).

Thank you for your consideration.

may God bless you,
and yours, and all of us.
Help us, Lord.