Evangelism.TV Is For
English Speaking Muslims,
And More

Evangelism.TV is a brand new channel,
for preaching the "whole" Gospel,
to English speaking Muslims
(and to everyone else),
on a global basis.

The only hope
of stopping atrocities,
being perpetrated by Muslims,
is for them to be "saved" ‐‐ and,
Christian TV has proved to be
very effective, at doing
exactly that.

is a sister channel,
to AlkerazaTV.com, which
has been successfully preaching
the "full" Gospel, to Arabs, in Arabic
(as well as sometimes in English),
for a number of years, with
HUGE success.

And, even though Evangelism.TV
is not yet open, you can get more information,
about Evangelism.TV, and about AlkerazaTV.com,
by calling (818)933-0662 ‐‐ that, or by visiting
AlkerazaTV.com (please click here).

Thank you,
in advance, for
your generous support
of this most worthy enterprise.

may God bless you,
and yours, and all of us. 
Help us, Lord.