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Evidently, Edmund Burke once said this:

"The only thing necessary,
for the triumph of evil,
is for good men to do nothing."

And, in this case,
with regard to the genocide of Christians,
everyone on earth, who does nothing, is part of the problem.

However, there are certain things that people must be aware of,
in order to be able to take ACTION, that is "appropriate." 
And, this website is designed to help everyone,
on the entire planet, to do that.

[Note:  Given that America has already declared war on terrorism,
and that American leaders, and the leaders of other nations
have determined that a genocide of Christians has been
taking place, in the Middle East (and in other places
around the world), we need help, in order to bring out
the truth, in a reasonable way ‐‐ and, with which enlightenment
(per se), you may be willing, and able to help.  Therefore, if that is the case,
please contact us, ASAP, by leaving us a message, at (888) MY - JESUS
(a 24/7 Voice Mail).  And, may the true, and the "living" God
richly bless you, and yours, and all of us. 
Help us, Lord.  Amen.]

It should be mentioned, that everyone,
who calls himself a Muslim, is part of the problem,
because, if someone supports Muhammad, the Quran, or
Imams (all of which teach Muslims, that it is perfectly okay,
to steal from, kill, destroy, enslave, oppress, terrorize, or
deceive a Christian, or a Jew, or anyone, and
everyone, who is NOT a Muslim),
he is part of the problem.

For an explanation,
about why ISIS has been doing,
what it has been doing, as an organization
(according to Muhammad, the Quran, and more),
please see the information provided below
(including links to a few extremely
informative videos

Those who know the truth,
about what Muhammad both taught, and did,
and about what the Quran actually says, also know,
that ISIS is simply doing, what both Muhammad,
and the Quran have taught them, to both
believe, and do.

"moderate" Muslims
have historically been silent, about
what "radical" Muslims have done, because
"radical" Muslims have simply been doing,
what Muhammad, and the Quran
have taught them.

And, since
"moderate" Muslims benefit,
from the stealing from people, and
from the oppression of people, and from the
being classed, as being superior human beings, etc.,
why would they rock the boat, that causes them to benefit?

Well, "moderate" Muslims haven't, don't, and won't rock the boat.

[Note:  Just like Adolph Hitler taught Germans,
that they were superior people, so, likewise,
Muhammad taught his followers, that they
were, and are superior people.  And, since
every German benefited, from that superiority,
very few Germans objected to it.  And, if they did object,
they were dealt with, much like Muslims have been taught,
to deal with dissenters.  And, many, "many," MANY Muslims
do NOT even believe, that Adolph Hitler, and the Nazis
were engaged in persecuting the Jews, and more,
even though a HUGE number of photographs,
and personal testimonies confirm this
(which is exactly like the devil,
to deny the truth, and

[Also Note:  Many,
"many," MANY Muslims believe,
that Jews, and Christians, and others
are NOT worthy of being considered, because
they are filthy, defiled, and vile scum.  However,
now, the truth (about Islam, and Muslims, etc.)
has begun to come out, before their beliefs
have been more accepted, in America,
and in other parts of the world
(thanks be to God, and to
the Internet, and to
freedom, etc.).]

Muslims have been taught,
that (according to the Quran)
they can, and should terrorize
infidels, or Non-Muslims.

[Note:  What Muhammad both
said, and did, serve as an "example,"
for Muslims.  And, his later life preempts,
what he had both said, and done, earlier. 
AND, it was in this later part of his life,
that he told his followers, to both
terrorize, and kill infidels,
or Non-Muslims.]

[Also Note: 
There are three levels of jihad,
depending upon the relative strength of Muslims
(in any particular area), which progressively lead, from
tolerance, and a claim of their being unjustly persecuted;
to terrorism, and intolerance; and then to aggression,
oppression, and totalitarianism.  Muhammad
did this, and, throughout history,
his followers have done
the same.]

have also been told,
that it is acceptable, to lie,
or to break covenants, in war, or
in business, or even in relationships
(with Non-Muslims, or with infidels,
or even with their own wives).

[Note:  The God of Israel,
and Jesus Christ condemn lying,
as well as the breaking of covenants.]

And, Muslims have also been taught, that,
if a Muslim becomes a Christian, or if he, or if
anyone says anything, against Muhammad,
or against the Quran, he must be killed.

as with any
other dictatorship,
or tyrannical "enterprise,"
Satan, and his servants protect
the lies of Satan, and his servants,
with the threat of being killed. 
Help us, Lord.  Amen.

In other words, Muslims
have been taught, that everyone must
obey Satan, and his servants, without question,
or they must die, at the hands of the followers of Islam;
while Christians have been taught, to love their enemies,
and to preach the full Gospel, to every creature, and,
as much as is possible, to live at peace, with
all men, without respect of persons,
and that people have a right,
to be wrong, in what
they believe.

Christianity is
the Religion of Peace,
because of the Prince of Peace
(who is Jesus, of course), and because
of the warfare, that He has equipped
His followers, to both fight, and
win, in the spiritual realm
(against the devil,

[Also Note: 
The servants of Satan
follow, serve, or obey Satan. 
So, they act just like Satan, and
they steal, kill, destroy, enslave,
oppress, terrorize, deceive,
and more.]

Jesus (who is alive)
wants everyone (including Muslims),
to repent (or to stop acting like Satan does), and
to "hear" the Word of God (or the Holy Bible), and
to "believe" in Him (Jesus), BECAUSE of it,
so that they can be blessed, both
now (on earth), and later
(in heaven).

And, unlike Muslims, Christians
have NOT been taught, to kill people,
simply because they refuse to believe,
what they believe.  And, if anything,
Christians have been taught, to
love their enemies, and to
pray for them, and to
let God judge
(letting God
take vengeance,
and letting God repay those
who have done evil, and letting God deliver,
and save, and judge, in every situation, at all times,
from now on, and forever (once they have been saved,
or born again, or once they have been translated, from
the Kingdom of Darkness, into the Kingdom of God,
or once they have been adopted, by God, as
His children, or once they have become
new creatures, in Christ, etc.)).

although most Muslims
are purely secular, and they are
oblivious to what the Quran teaches
(and what leaders of Islam advocate),
there is a HUGE difference, between
what these two "systems" teach
their followers, to both
believe, and do.

Jesus is God.  And,
He never changes.  And, He
wants as many Muslims, as possible,
and as many others, as possible, to repent,
and to believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so
that they might be saved, and go to heaven
(instead of to hell, and to the lake of fire
and brimstone), and more.

But, there are
many, "many," MANY things,
that Muslims have NOT been telling us,
about their "so called" Religion of Islam ‐‐
which is really a totalitarian government,
that is simply "cloaked" as a religion.

And, only a few, very courageous people, who
know about Islam (either from having been born Muslims,
or from having been victimized, by Muslims), have been telling us,
what has really been going on (behind the scenes), in the minds,
and in the hearts of Islamic leaders, or even in the Quran, or
even in history itself (most Muslims having been fearful,
that they might say something, that will cause them,
or their loved ones to be murdered, along with
every other dissenter, or Non-Muslim).

and freedom,
are total opposites.

It is typical, in Muslim countries,
to see dead, human bodies strung up,
for their alleged crimes; and to hear stories,
about those who have been tried, convicted, and
murdered, right outside of their own homes; and
to hear the testimonies of Christians, who have
been victimized, without recourse (given
that Satan's servants have framed
mischief, by laws, etc.).

Under Islamic law
(which varies, like the wind),
husbands can brutalize their wives,
or their children, without being punished;
and Christians, or Jews, etc., can be killed;
and Non-Muslims must cross the street,
when a Muslim comes, so that the
Muslim will not be defiled
(by Non-Muslims);
and more.]

Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace.  Rather,
Islam is a literal nightmare of satanic barbarianism,
with a lust for money, sex, and blood.  And, anyone, who
says anything different, is either ignorant,
or a flat-out liar.

Just ask the Armenians, who watched about a million
of their people be robbed, raped, and murdered,
by Muslims, for having been Christians.

And, just ask history,
that testifies, about the barbarianism
of Muhammad, and his followers, from the beginning.

For everyone's sake,
please conduct your own research,
with the links found below.  Everyone must
discover the "truth" (who is Jesus), for himself,
and NOT simply believe people, because they
have told him to, or because they have
threatened him, in some way.]

[Also Note:  Those
who will NOT learn, from history,
are bound to see history be "repeated" ‐‐
much of which we do NOT "want." 
Help us, Lord.  Amen.]

Jesus taught
(among many other things),
that Christians are to remember the poor, and
to visit the widows, and orphans, in their affliction, and
to keep themselves unspotted, from the world; that He is God,
in the flesh; that anyone, who is not with Him, is against Him; and
that anyone, who does NOT help Him, to gather His harvest
(of souls), is helping Satan, to scatter it.

In other words, Jesus has historically sent people, to
gather God's children (whoever, and wherever they may be),
into "one" fold (which is the "one" Body of Christ, or Church),
with "one" shepherd (who is Jesus, and who is also alive),
and to help everyone repent, and believe the truth,
so that they can have life, abundant life, and
eternal life ‐‐ AND, that, if Christians do this,
they are guaranteed a special reward, in heaven.

And, Jesus did
many, "many," MANY miracles,
to prove, or validate, or confirm,
who He both was, and still is
(including healing people,
and casting out devils,
and raising the dead,
and raising Himself from
the dead, and a whole lot more).

On the other hand,
Muhammad taught (among many other things),
that he is God's very last prophet (which is a flat-out lie); that
anyone, and everyone, who will NOT obey him, and his followers,
must be killed; and that, if a Muslim kills a Non-Muslim, in war,
he is guaranteed a special reward, in heaven (which
is why they consistently declare jihad).

And, Muhammad did virtually no miracles
(especially when compared to Jesus).

Muhammad claimed
to only be a prophet, while
Jesus claimed to be God.

Jesus is God,
and Islam is of Satan.

And, there is a HUGE difference,
between the primary focus of Islam,
and the primary focus of Christianity.

Christianity focuses on life,
and on sharing that life, with others,
and on eternal rewards, for having shared it;
while Islam focus on death, and on "exercising"
the very things that Satan is known for doing
(including stealing, killing, destroying,
enslaving, oppressing, terrorizing,
deceiving, and more).

People (including Muslims) need to know the truth, about Islam,
so that they can stop supporting the devil, and the stealing,
killing, destroying, enslaving, oppressing, terrorizing,
deceiving, and more, that he, and his servants do
(even though they do their deeds, in God's name,
and with elaborate smoke screens, so that most people
will remain totally oblivious, to their absolute wickedness).

Again, those who endorse Muhammad, or the Quran,
or Imams, by confessing to be Muslims,
are part of the problem,
the whole system
is corrupt, from its very beginning
(including Muhammad, the Quran, and historic behaviors).

The links, between the Old, and the New Testament,
are specific, and clear, and they point to the Messiah, or to
the Christ (who is Jesus), who was to live, to be killed, and
to rise from the dead, and to live, and rule over Israel,
forever ‐‐ which is exactly what happened. 

And, there are no such links, between what God had "written,"
in His Word, and Muhammad, or His Quran, or His murdering,
or His oppressing people, or His terrorism, or His lying, etc.

There is only "one" God, who NEVER changes.  And,
He is the God of Israel, and the Lord Jesus Christ.  AND,
anyone, who says anything different, is a flat-out liar ‐‐ which
Muhammad, and Muslims have done (in effect), with the Quran,
and with the stealing, killing, destroying, enslaving, oppressing,
terrorizing, deceiving, and more, that they have been known
for both advocating, and doing, in the name of God.

ISIS, and many other Muslims have made it clear,
that they want to destroy America, and to kill Christians, and
Jews, and anyone, and everyone who will not become a Muslim, or
pay a protection tax, to the State of Islam, as a second-class citizen. 
This was Muhammad's goal, from virtually the beginning of Islam. 
And, anyone, and everyone, who does NOT speak out,
against this nonsense, is guilty of being
part of the problem.

the spirit of fear
(who is "evil," of course)
has been preventing people,
from telling the truth,
about Islam,

Well, now, the truth is out,
about Muhammad, the Quran, and more, and
no demon in hell, or child of the devil, or entire armies
(of members of the Kingdom of Darkness)
can suppress the truth,
any longer.

Islam is of Satan. 

And, it is exceedingly "evil,"
no matter what uninformed people say.

God is NOT confused: 
There is only one "way," into life, and into
abundant life, and into eternal life.  And, that one, and
only "way" is Jesus.  There is no other "way" ‐‐
which means that Islam is of Satan.

So, either way
(either because Islam is "evil," or
because Jesus is the one, and only "way,"
into life, abundant life, and eternal life, or
into every GOOD thing, that God has
for people), Islam is of Satan.

Below are links, to various websites, that will help visitors
learn more, about the problem, and also about the solution ‐‐ which
ultimate solution is about helping people, to find out about Jesus, and about
what He has done for them, so that they will stop hurting one another, etc., and
about what Satan has been doing, so that we can, as reasonable people,
who Satan does NOT love (given that he is incapable of love,
and he doesn't even love his best servants),
put a "stop" to it.

[Note:  No matter what we may learn,
everyone's enemy is Satan, or Lucifer, or the devil,
and he can only be overcome, in the spirit, or in prayer.  So,
a fundamental ingredient, to stopping the genocide of Christians,
is to pray, and to pray together, as those who have been given
the power, and authority, over Satan, and his Kingdom. 
Please do NOT be deceived, we are involved,
no matter who we are.  So,
let's pray.]

[Also Note:  It should also
be mentioned, that Christians have been promised,
by God, that, if they speak, while believing, whatever they say
will be manifested.  Therefore, let every Believer speak,
against the genocide of Christians, and against
everyone's enemy (who is Satan), and
against all of his plans, etc.,
while believing, that
the God of Israel will do,
what He has promised to do, in
His "written" Word (or the Holy Bible),
which includes being delivered, and more.]

May you enjoy being enlightened.

may God bless you,
and yours, and all of us. 
Help us, Lord. 


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David Wood Vid 2 Link

David Wood: About the Expressed Goal, and Plan of Islam ‐‐ Even though "moderate" Muslims would disagree, David Wood clearly reveals the expressed goal, and plan of Islam, from the perspective of Muhammad, the Quran, and other Islamic sources, and NOT from people who are uninformed (about this goal, and plan), or who are lying, as is permitted, by Islam (this YouTube video is 24:50 min., in length)


David Wood Video 3 Link

David Wood: The Global Recipe for Creating Terrorists ‐‐ David Wood clearly identifies the "recipe," in France (as well as, potentially, in other countries (including in America)), for creating terrorists, because of what Muhammad, the Quran, and more (or Islam itself), has, does, and always will teach Muslims (this YouTube video is 11:41 min., in length)




Lord Jesus, thank you for America ‐‐
which is still the land of the free,
and the home of the brave. 
Help us, Lord.  Amen.




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Please remember
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"The only thing necessary,
for the triumph of evil,
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