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In order to help you be able to find things,
we have assembled the following information:



Home ... a Welcome Page, plus a discussion, from a Christian point of view,
of the challenges that we are facing, when we are dealing with Satan,
and his many, united, and exceedingly vicious servants
(including those who are called Muslims)

Challenges ... a page that identifies the challenges that we are facing
(and specifically with regard to those presented by Islam, etc.) ‐‐
which information is found on the Home Page ‐‐ and,
which information revolves around scripture

History ... a page that gives an overview of the history behind
the current genocide of Christians, and specifically about Islam, etc.

News ... a page that gives more recent events, relating to the genocide
of Christians, in the Middle East, and in other countries around the world

Advocates ... a page that identifies, what each of us might do, through
a variety of people, and organizations, that are either helping to
stop the genocide, or ministering to the victims, etc.

Links ... a page on which we offer links, to outside enterprises, etc.,
that are, in some way, related to the genocide of Christians

Sponsors ... a page listing Sponsors, who courageously stand,
with us, and against the genocide of Christians, etc.

Donate ... a page discussing the opportunity to help us,
to raise "public awareness," to answer phone calls, and
to sustain all the activities relating to stopping
the genocide of Christians, and more

Contact Us ... a link to our telephone number,
so that you can leave us a message



A Special Note:

We invite you, to
join our list of sponsors,
who have taken a stand, to help
stop the genocide of Christians, and
to help the victims, and their families,
wheresoever on earth they may live
(many of whom have no food,
etc., by which to live).

Please remember
the words of Edmund Burke,
who reportedly said the following:

"The only thing necessary,
for the triumph of evil,
is for good men to do nothing.

please do something,
and please do it soon, because
the genocide of Christians
MUST "stop!"

you can help.

The Bottom Line:

If you would like to join us,
in the battle, against this genocide,
or if you would like to ask us questions, etc.,
please leave us a message, at (888) MY - JESUS
(Voice Mail), and someone will call you back,
as soon as possible.

Thank you.

may God bless you,
and yours, and all of us.*
Help us, Lord.